Botanical name

Watsonia zeyheri


Watsonia zeyheri
Watsonia zeyheri
Watsonia zeyheri


Cormous geophyte up to 120cm. Leaves sword-shaped, 12-18mm wide. Flowers in elongate spikes, pale to bright orange, perianth tube elongate, 32-38mm long, tubular above, tepals 20-22mm long; stamens arcuate (curved upward like a bow); 3 style branches are deeply divided; bracts 14-18mm long.

Seed capsules spindle-shaped, tapering above.

After: Carl Ludwig Philipp Zeyer (1799-1858), German botanist and collector who came to the Cape in 1822.


Marshes on sandstone, coastal to 100m

Flower Date

November to January