Botanical name

Watsonia laccata




Cormous geophyte up to 40cm. Leaves glossy, sword-shaped with lightly thickened margins, mostly 6-15mm wide and about half as long as the flowering stem. Flowers in a short spike, pink to purple or orange; perianth tube 18-22mm long, flared above; stamens declinate (curved downward); bracts 10-20mm long, clasping the stem.

Capsules spindle-shaped, tapering to a narrow tip.

Sanskrit: laksha = lacca; the dark red resinous incrustation produced on certain trees by the puncture of an insect (Caccus lacca); used in the East as a scarlet dye; -atus = indicates possession or likeness; referring to tthe leaves of this genus as having a varnished appearance.


Seasonally wet, sandstone slopes

Flower Date

September to November