Botanical name

Searsia glauca



Common Name

Blue Kuni-bush, Bloukoeniebos

Synonym (old name)

Rhus glauca
Searsia glauca
Searsia glauca
Searsia glauca
Searsia glauca


Tough much-branched, evergreen shrub or small tree up to 3m. Leaves trifoliate (divided into 3), leaflets sessile, often with a bluish colour; male and female flowers borne on separate plants, small, greenish-white, in loose clusters. Fruits are bluish-dark brown, shiny.

Greek: glaukos = bluish-green, grey: referring to the bluish-grey colour of the leaves of this species.

The common name Koeniekuil refers to a place or area near Riversdale in the western Cape and is possibly where the species was seen by early explorers.


Mostly on coastal dunes

Flower Date

June to September