Botanical name

Chaenostoma hispidum



Common Name

Honey Flower, Creeping Skunk Bush

Synonym (old name)

Sutera hispida
Chaenostoma hispidum
Chaenostoma hispidum


Bushy shrublet up to 35cm with stiffly hairy, sprawling branches. Leaves oval to elliptic, opposite, with coarsely toothed edges; small flowers have a tubular calyx that opens into flaring lobes from which one or both of the stamens protrude, flowers white, pink or mauve with a yellow throat.

Latin: hispidus = hairy, bristly: referring to the hairy branches and leaves of this species

Greek: chen = a goose with a wide bill; chaino = to yawn, open wide: referring to the flaring lobes of the flowers


Rocky limestone or sandstone slopes and flats

Flower Date

All year