Botanical name

Cassine peragua subsp. peragua



Common Name

Forest Spoonwood, Boslepelhout, Umbovane
Cassine peragua subsp. peragua
Cassine peragua subsp. peragua
Cassine peragua subsp. peragua


Evergreen shrub or tree up to 5m, in coastal scrub up to 3m; bark often with yellow pigments, finely vertically fissured with horizontal cracks forming square flakes. Leaves are opposite, elliptic to circular, 70-100mm long, leathery, shiny dark green above, irregularly toothed margins, venation distinct; leaves may often have a black fungal covering; small, scented white flowers in branched clusters in leaf axils.

Fruit about 5mm in diameter, fleshy when mature, green to purplish-black, much loved by birds.

Leaves are toxic.

The species name 'peragua' (Paraguay) was incorrectly used by Carl Linnaeus.


Coastal scrub, forest margins on mountain slopes

Flower Date

February to July