Botanical name

Annesorhiza triternata



Common Name

Annesorhiza triternata
Annesorhiza triternata
Annesorhiza triternata


Perennial plant up to 1m, roots 1 or 2, fleshy. Triternate leaves are dead or dying at flowering, leaflets lanceolate to narrowly linear; inflorescence with reduced sheath-like bracts at nodes, flower stalks few, branched with up to 3 lateral umbels; flowers yellow, sepals acute to tridentate, petals with resin duct notably branched near the base.

Fruit narrowly obovate, 7-9mm long.

The fleshy tubers were eaten by early tribes for their anise- parsnip flavour, hence the common name Anyswortel.


Sandstone slopes

Flower Date

February to March