Botanical name

Annesorhiza nuda



Common Name

Annesorhiza nuda
Annesorhiza nuda
Annesorhiza nuda
Annesorhiza nuda


Perennial plant up to 1m, roots 1 or 2 slightly fleshy. Leaves dry or present at flowering, pinnately divided; inflorescence glabrous and yellowish brown, small flowers cream-coloured to yellow.

Fruit 5-7mm long, oblong. Fruits of the Annesorhiza genus consist of 2 unequal mericarps, one with 3 wings the other with 4; (mericarp: a portion of a fruit which becomes detached with an enclosed seed).

Greek: annison = anise, rhiza = root; referring to the anise-flavour of the tuberous root-stock.


Rocky, often granite slopes

Flower Date

December to April