Botanical name

Holothrix schlechteriana


Holothrix schlechteriana
Holothrix schlechteriana
Holothrix schlechteriana


Slender, tuberous geophyte up to 30cm, with a thinly, velvety flowering stem. Leaves oval-shaped, hairless, flat on the ground, drying at flowering; many small flowers in a dense raceme, pale greenish sepals and petals; the petals have 4-9 thread-like lobes, giving the flowers a frilly appearance; lip is either green or yellow and divided into 5-11 thread-like lobes; 4-7 greenish bracts at intervals up the stem.

After: Friedrich R. R. Schlechter (1872-1925), German botanist and plant collector in Africa, assistant to Harry Bolus at the Bolus Herbarium in Cape Town.


Among rocks and shrubs

Flower Date

October to February