Botanical name

Drimia dregei



Common Name

Mountain Squill, Brandui

Synonym (old name)

Urginea dregei
Drimia dregei
Drimia dregei
Drimia dregei


Bulbous geophyte up to 30cm. Leaf dry at flowering, solitary, erect, cylindrical; flowers mostly white with dark keels, crowded in slender racemes, tepal margins downturned; open during the morning.

Greek: drimus, acrid or pungent: referring to all parts of plant being poisonous or an irritant.

After: Johann F. Drege (1794-1881), German plant collector, arrived in the Cape in 1826; one of the most significant plant collectors in South Africa.


Damp sandy flats and slopes

Flower Date

November to March