Botanical name

Apodytes dimidiata



Common Name

White Pear, Witpeer, Umdakane
Apodytes dimidiata


Attractive evergreen bushy tree up to 4m, can be taller in forest. Bark pale grey, smooth. Leaves alternate, simple, ovate to elliptic, usually 5-7cm long, glossy bright green above, paler green and dull below, wavy margin, mid-rib usually conspicuously yellow, especially on under surface and may be flushed with pink which is carried on to the reddish leafy branchlets; petioles pink. Flowers small, white, fragrant, in loose heads, or axillary or cymose panicles; all floral parts in fives; calyx saucer-shaped, petals free.

Fruit berry-like, black, flattened, with a scarlet fleshy lateral appendage (aril) which gives the fruit a kidney-shape, with a persistent, finger-like style in the notch. The fruit is not edible and is seldom taken by birds.

The light pink wood is very hard and was used to make agricultural implements and wagons.


Coastal evergreen bush and at margins of medium altitude forest

Flower Date

October to April