Botanical name

Typha capensis



Common Name

Bulrush, Papkuil

Synonym (old name)

Typha latifolia subsp. capensis
Typha capensis
Typha capensis
Typha capensis
Typha capensis


Cosmopolitan, tufted perennial up to 2m with creeping stems. Leaves are strap-like, twisted and spongy; flowers are small in dense, cylindrical spikes; male flowers paler and loosely arranged above, female flowers are dark brown and densely arranged below.

Only genus in the family Typhaceae

Greek: typhos = marsh; referring to the habitat where this species grows.

The long, spongy, strap-shaped leaves were used for thatching and for making hats.


Streambanks, standing water and marshes

Flower Date

December to March