Botanical name

Secamone alpini



Common Name

Monkey Rope
Secamone alpini
Secamone alpini
Secamone alpini
Secamone alpini


Scrambler or scandent shrub up to 10m; sap milky. Leaves opposite, lanceolate to ovate, 6-25mm wide, shiny dark green; very small flowers finely hairy above, corona lobes erect and incurved over the anthers; anthers 4-locular, pollen gathered into 4 pollinia.

Fruit, a seed pod which is dehiscent, has a pair of follicles; seed with a tuft of hair on one end.

dehiscent = the seed pod splits open along a 'built-in' line of weakness in order to release its seeds  

follicle = a dry, unilocular fruit                                      


Bush and forests

Flower Date

October to January