Botanical name

Orthochilus tabularis



Synonym (old name)

Eulophia tabularis



Orthochilus tabularis
Orthochilus tabularis
Orthochilus tabularis
Orthochilus tabularis


Slender geophyte up to 40cm. Leaves pleated and erect, absent to partly developed at flowering time, up to 150 x 7mm. Inflorescence is dense, 2-12 flowered; young flowers not fully resupinate; pale lemon, crests bright orange-yellow; sepals and petals partly spreading; lip 3-lobed, crest consisting of a single, minutely hairy ridge for most of the lip length, becoming 2 ridges at the base and ending in 2 or 3 lobes on the mid lobe; spur absent; column 8-10mm long.

Greek: orthos = straight (in height), upright; referring to the slender, erect habit of this species.

Latin: tabularis = flattened horizontally, plate like (in geographical epithets) growing on Table Mountain, South Africa; belonging to Table Mountain, where the type plant was collected by Thunberg.


Sandy soils, sometimes in marshy areas, from 400-1,800m

Flower Date

November to January