Botanical name

Moraea tricuspidata



Common Name

Blou-ooguintjie, Rietuintjie


Cormous geophyte, usually several-branched. Leaf solitary, basal, glabrous, 4-7mm wide, exceeding the inflorescence and often trailing; stem simple or often branched from the upper nodes, branches slender; sheathing stem bracts 5-7mm long, dry and attenuate above; flowers white to cream, speckled-brownish at centre, with yellow to brown nectar guides on the outer tepals, outer tepals 26-30mm long, claw nearly erect, inner tepals tricuspidate; anthers about 5mm long, pollen whitish.

Greek: tri- = three times, cuspis = a point or a spike; referring to the three-lobed inner tepals of this species


Heavy soils, also clay and sandy soils

Flower Date

September to mid-November, most common after fire