Botanical name

Lauridia tetragona



Common Name

Droelewer, Climbing Saffron

Synonym (old name)

Cassine tetragona


Scrambling shrub or liana with branches often bent back, stems 4-angled. Leaves opposite, subsessile, elliptic-ovate, toothed; flowers in axillary, dense cymes, cream-coloured. Fruits red to purple, about the size of a small pea, edible but very astringent.

Common name Droelewer is derived from the dry (Afrik: droe) or astringent taste of the fruits, like that of boiled liver (Afrik: lewer)!

Greek: tetros = four, gony = the knee (angled); referring to the 4-angled stem of this species.


Coastal dune bush and on forest margins from Hermanus eastwards

Flower Date

September to January