Botanical name

Dilatris viscosa



Common Name

Rooiwortel, Yellowhead
Dilatris viscosa
Dilatris viscosa
Dilatris viscosa


Rhizomatous geophyte up to 60cm tall, reddish glandular hairy stem and basal parts. Sword-shaped fan of leaves, 17mm wide, hairless, much shorter than flowering stem; sticky, hairy, dull-orange or yellow flowers are arranged in a rounded head, which can be 100mm wide, each flower about 1.3cm long.

The genus Dilatris is endemic to the Cape Floral Region.

Greek: di = two; latris = servant: referring to 2 anthers being smaller and subservient to the one larger one.


Swamps and high mountain slopes in summer cloud belt

Flower Date

August to December, usually after fire