Botanical name

Celtis africana



Common Name

White Stinkwood, Witgatstinkhout, UmVumvu


Deciduous tree up to 30m tall in forest, shorter with spreading crown in open; bark of main stem smooth, pale-greyish white, sometimes buttressed. Leaves alternate, strongly 3-veined from asymmetrical base, serrated margin in upper half, smooth or hairy, or slightly leathery, short stalk; new leaves bright green, darker green when mature, turning yellow before falling in winter. Flowers inconspicuous, small and greenish, sexes separate but on the same tree; male flowers in dense clusters at base of new green branchlets, female flowers solitary or in small groups of 2-3 in leaf axils.

Fruit brownish-yellow on long stalk, in profusion in October to December, eaten by many birds,

Wood used for household implements, furniture and panelling. Unpleasant smell when freshly cut, hence common name.


Forests from coast to mountains, very widespread

Flower Date

August to October