Botanical name

Holothrix cernua



Common Name

Thread Orchid
Holothrix cernua
Holothrix cernua
Holothrix cernua
Holothrix cernua


Slender, tuberous plant 9-24cm tall. Stem without bracts and with long, deflexed hairs. Leaves two, pressed flat on the ground, generally withered at flowering time, up to 28mm broad and rounded; flowers more or less on one side of the stem, cream to lime-green in colour, sepals densely hairy; spur curved 1.5mm - 3mm long.

Distinguishable from Holothrix brevipetala by the longer petals and lip-lobes that resemble a human hand, and from Holothrix villosa by the deflexed hairs on the inflorescence stalk.


Sandy or stony places

Flower Date

July to January, mostly after fire