Botanical name

Gunnera perpensa



Common Name

River Pumpkin, Wild Rhubarb, Iphuzi Lomlambo
Gunnera perpensa
Gunnera perpensa
Gunnera perpensa
Gunnera perpensa


Robust rhizomatous perennial up to 1m, thinly hairy. Leaves tufted, large, margins lobed, with small rough edged teeth, round or kidney-shaped up to 20cm across, on long leaf stalks up to 45cm; tiny stalkless flowers in spike-like heads, purple, pinkish reddish brown, male flowers above, female below. Fruit small and fleshy.

After: Johan Ernst Gunnerus (1718-1773), Norwegian bishop of Trondheim and botanist.


Marshes and seeps, edges of streams

Flower Date

October to February