Botanical name

Brunia noduliflora



Common Name

Fonteinbossie, Snowbush, Volstruisies

Synonym (old name)

Brunia nodiflora
Brunia noduliflora
Brunia noduliflora
Brunia noduliflora


Leafy, rounded shrub, resprouting from a woody rootstock. Leaves are stalkless, overlapping, triangular or lance-shaped and 2-3mm long, closely packed together; large globular, cream flowerheads are 10mm in diameter, the long stamens giving the flowers a striking fluffy appearance; flowers are arranged in loose globular clusters at the ends of branches; the large globular grey-brown seedheads are most usually seen, the flowers are fleeting!

After Cornelius Brun, apothecary who travelled in Russia and the Lavant.


Hills and rocky mountain slopes

Flower Date

March to June