Botanical name

Hermannia ternifolia



Common Name

Hermannia ternifolia
Hermannia ternifolia
Hermannia ternifolia


Sprawling grey-green, hairy shrublet up to 20cm. Leaves triangular to wedge-shaped, often toothed, stipules at base of leaf-stalk are leaf-like; flowers single or in terminal clusters, up to 13mm long, with a pin-hole throat and puffed up calyx, may be orange-yellow, red, or marmalade in colour; with a strong, sweet scent.

After: After Paul Hermann (1646-1695), Dutch botanist, professor of botany at Leyden and director of Hortus Botanicus, Europe's finest botanical garden. Plant collector at the Cape where he made one of the earliest plant collections, now housed at the Sloane Herbarium and the British Museum of Natural History.


Coastal sands and coastal limestone

Flower Date

August to November